Equipment Check list

Trekking equipment Check list
Duffle Bag
Day pack
Trekking boots (this should be water proof)
Socks for trekking boots 3 pairs
Camp shoes
Gloves 1
Sleeping bag
Rain Coat
Warm hat & Sun hat
Flashlight with extra batteries & bulb
Water bottle
Sun glass (100 U.V)
Snow Goggles
Down or fiber-filled jacket
Jumper or pile jacket
Lightweight fleece jackets
Hiking shorts
Hiking Pants
Sun cream
Lip Guard

Climbing Equipment Check List
Technical equipment:
Climbing Boot Gaiter
Crampon + Screw Driver
Ice Axe
Finger 8 (Decender)
Lock Carabinar (similar size)
Snap Carabineer (Non Locking)
5/6 mm Rope (Prussic Slings assistant rope)
Slings 25 mm tubular- Tape 600 mm loop lenth.
Rock Shoes

Essential Equipment:
Back Pack (Ruk Sack)
Snow Goggles
Sun Glass (100% U.V)
Sleeping Bag
Water Bottles (Steel Thermos)
Head lamp or Flashlight
Extra Plastic bags
Sun Cream
Lip Gurd
Sun Hut
Sewing Kit
Trekking boots
Camp shoes

Clothing equipment:
Warm Hat (Either wool or synthetic, no cotton)
Warm Mitts or Gloves
Liner Gloves Gore-Tex (synthetic)
Over Gloves Gore-Tex
Long Underwear (Light weight or mid-weight tops & bottoms Made of synthetic material Warm Insulating Upper and lower body layers (Wool sweeter & Fleece, no cotton)
Gore Tex Suit
Down jacket
woolen Socks and synthetic socks, no cotton socks)
Rain Coat
Wind pant/Jacket (suit)
Lightweight fleece jackets
Tooth brush
Tooth Paste
Soap (organic)
Any Personal Medicine

Optional Items
Journal and Pen
Packet knife

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Equipment List- Trekking In Nepal